Hot rolled, Cold rolled, GalvanizedĀ  coils
Heavy plates, Rebar, Wire rod and Section Strips.

Stainless steel is a special steel featuring a splendid surface and good resistance to rust. As a high value-added product, stainless steel can be used for diverse areas without requiring any additional treatment.


High-quality rolled metal and steel pipes for the construction, mechanical engineering, automotive and oil and gas industries.

Hot Rolled

Hot rolled products are used extensively for various applications including machines, architectural structures, car structures, general/API steel pipes and cold rolling.

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Their common applications include shipbuilding, construction and heavy machines, offshore structures and wind farms, pressure vessels (storage tanks) and line pipes (carrying oil).

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Rolled Steel

Cold rolled steel is highly aesthetic and easily machinable, thus widely used for premium applications in modern society. We are increasingly focused on for highly functional, cold rolled products is rising.

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Wire rods are available in the form of coils. The cross-section of the rod ranges from 5.5 to 42 mm.Billets produced from a continuous casting system are rolled, cooled and coiled into the sizes required by the customers.

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Electrical plates are also called electronic plates or silicon plates. Compared to regular steel plates, silicon plates contain more silicon, featuring good electric and magnetic characteristics.

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Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel products are made by cleansing and heat-treating rolled coils before dipping them into a bath of molten zinc. Through this process, the coils are plated with zinc only and iron or aluminum magnesium

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Manufacturing Process

Totally computerized, end-to-end full automatic production system. This allows us to deliver high-quality and high-performance products fit to the needs of customers.

Iron sent down with its great might, benefits for humanity.