Alizadeh LLC

Focuses on providing a tailor-made service to factories throughout Asia & Europe, providing a professional approach and financial security through a unique blend of relationship management and expertise in ferrous & non-ferrous metals in their respective markets. We have a dedicated team with the state of the art equipment’s and transport vehicles and ensure a one stop shop for all metal needs of our customers.

To achieve this, the Company is setting out new strategic priorities to distance itself further from its competitors. These are: superior client experience, cost leadership and embracing new opportunities. All three will be supported by Alizadeh Group’s advanced corporate culture.

  • Superior client experience – aims to offer our customers unique selling propositions on each target market;
  • Cost leadership – goal is to achieve a significant cost advantage in basic steel products;
  • New opportunities – objective is to access and consequently benefit from the use of global cutting-edge technology and new business-models.